Why Is Steel Used in Residential Buildings?

Steel House

You’ve just bought a house. You want to demolish the house and rebuild it from the ground up. You’re now confronted with the decision of what materials to use and what style to opt for in your ideal home. The materials you wish to use to create your home will be a deciding factor. Ultimately, […]

Borer Info


BORER IN AUSTRALIA PESTFREE offers pest control services for all three species of borer (sometimes known as bora or woodworm) and other wood boring insects that affect AUSTRALIAN timbers. Larvae of the beetles eat their way through the interior of wood before emerging via flight holes as adults to mate and begin the life cycle […]

Silverfish Info

Lepisma saccharina Appearance 1/2″ long. Torpedo shaped with 3 long bristles at end of abdomen. Wingless with long antennae. Silverfish — Silver–grey colour. Lifecycle Eggs laid in crevices. Adults live for 1–3 years. Habits Run quickly. Silverfish favour moist, warm conditions. Feed on food debris, starches and gums and are active at night. Minor pests […]

Cat Info

Feral Cat Felis catus Appearance Similar to a domestic cat, but when in good condition the feral cats displays increased overall muscle development, which is noticeable around the head, neck and shoulders The average body weight of the male feral cat is from 3kg to 6kg, while that of females varies from 2kg to 4kg […]

Termite Info

Termites or “white ants” as they are popularly called in Australia is a major pest issue for property owners. Nothing quite compares to termite infestations in terms of potential for damage and destruction. As a matter of fact, at least 1 of 3 residential properties in Australia is believed to be harboring such destructive pests […]

Flea Info

Fleas can live for at least 100 days to more than one year and live up to 3 to 4 months without nourishment which makes them one of the toughest creatures on the planet. Female fleas can lay as many as 8 eggs whenever it feeds on a host. Thus they can lay hundreds of […]

Cockroach Info

Cockroach Lifecycle Did you know that the lifespan of a cockroach can reach a couple of months to more than a year? Reproduction basically revolves around the female fertilizing eggs encased in a capsule like container called oothecae. Each of these capsule like encasements can contain as many as eggs and a female cockroach can […]

Helpful Ways On How To Protect Your House From Mice


Having pests at home is the very last thing you need in case your home is to be a secure and comfortable place for you as well as your family to reside in. Unfortunately, most, if not all, property owners do have this problem. As what is noticed, the mice are one of the typical […]

Bird Info

Bird Info

Collared Dove Fawn gray in color with a distinctive black band behind the neck 10 ½ inches in length These doves can yield at least 2 broods in a year. Incubation lasts at least two weeks and their offspring spends about 15 days in the nest. These birds feed on grains and seeds and they […]

Ants Info

Black Garden Ant Lasius niger Appearance Workers 3/16″ long. Queens 5/8″ long. Dark brown–black in colour. 1 small segment at waist point (pedicel). No sting present. Lifecycle Queens overwinter in soil. Eggs are laid in late spring. Larvae hatch 3–4 weeks later. Larvae feed on secretions from the queen’s salivary glands until the first worker ants […]