Fleas can live for at least 100 days to more than one year and live up to 3 to 4 months without nourishment which makes them one of the toughest creatures on the planet. Female fleas can lay as many as 8 eggs whenever it feeds on a host. Thus they can lay hundreds of eggs throughout their lifespan. The eggs hatch no longer than 2 weeks after and starts to feed on organic material off the host for at least 2 weeks. Larvae will then enter its pupal stage which can last for at least two weeks, sometimes a year depending on environmental conditions.

Flea bites can be very annoying and cause itchiness and discomfort. A group of flea bites can often form a small red spot that can easily become infected due to scratching. Fleas can also transmit deadly diseases like endemic typhus as they feed from one host to another which makes them a real health concern.

Eliminating flea infestations

Fleas are some of the most difficult types of pest to exterminate. Thus its extermination is best left to professional pest management controllers trained and well-versed in the most effective techniques and strategies for eliminating flea infestations. Professional flea pest management solutions typically include:

Flea pesticide treatments and spraying pet beddings, carpeted areas as well as the entire flooring interior

The areas surrounding your property such as garden beds and grass or soil areas are also treated with flea pesticides.

Pest Control makes use of organic and environmentally-friendly solutions for eliminating flea infestations. To combat flea infestations, our pest controllers make effective use of an insect growth regulator called “Starycide”. It works by effectively stopping the growth of young fleas preventing them from reaching adulthood ultimately killing them off and putting an end to the infestation.