Cockroach Lifecycle

Did you know that the lifespan of a cockroach can reach a couple of months to more than a year? Reproduction basically revolves around the female fertilizing eggs encased in a capsule like container called oothecae. Each of these capsule like encasements can contain as many as eggs and a female cockroach can produce as many as 30 of these enabling these pest to multiply their numbers at a staggering rate within a short period of time.

Signs of cockroach infestation

Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures and like to keep to themselves so you typically see a few of them crawling in and around your property. That certainly doesn’t mean that their presence is a minor one, it is likely that you have hundreds more taking shelter in dark hard-to-reach areas.

Tell-tale signs of cockroach infestations

Fecal residueFoul odor especially in dark and damp areasBody parts usually limbsCarcassesOothecae or egg cases
Cockroaches are extremely hard creatures and adapt well to residential or commercial properties. They are often found in dark, warm places with good humidity which includes:

Kitchen sinksCrevices and cracksToilets, showers and hot water systemsSubflooring and roof voidsWall interior
Cockroaches can feed on any organic material like cardboards, food leftovers, fabrics and any dead or decaying organic matter just to mention a few.

The dangers of cockroach infestations

What exactly makes cockroaches a serious pest problem that needs to be exterminated? Aren’t they a minor nuisance that we’ll just have to live with? Nothing can be farther from the truth though; cockroaches are certainly capable of so much more. For one thing, they are known to transmit or spread diseases as they contaminate sanitary and food preparation areas. Their fecal droppings and secretions can also cause foul odor causing breathing problems from many people. Not to mention the fact that they can cause property damage as they ruin wallpapers, book, fabrics and wirings. Thus cockroach infestation is certainly an issue that no property owner should ignore.

Sure you can kill off a couple of cockroaches here and there but that’s just literally scratching the surface of your cockroach problem. It would certainly be in your best interest to entrust the task to an experienced and reputable expert.

Exterminating cockroach infestations

Our pest controllers here at Pest Fee Brisbane are all very proficient and experienced in the best and most effective solutions for eliminating all traces of cockroach infestations in and around your property. They start out with a detailed inspection of your property identifying problem areas and assessing the extent of the problem as well as the actual species of cockroach you’re actually dealing with in order to come up with the most effective and suitable solutions

Cockroach pest control treatments typically involve the following

Checking the interior of skirting boards and spraying it with cockroach pesticideGelling of cupboards and shelves in problem areas like the bathroom and kitchen roomDusting subflooring and roof voidsAppliances such as refrigerators often serve as a good nesting area for cockroaches – its parts are gelled, sprayed and dusted.Spraying of guttering, window frames, external foundation walls and the surrounding soil with chemical treatment designed to eliminate and ward off cockroach infestationsSheds, garages and other outbuildings are sprayed inside out.Provide you with valuable tips for preventing cockroach infestations from reoccurring which includes eliminating all possible sources of food and water.
Chemical cockroach treatments

The chemical treatments that we use here at Pest Free Brisbane are odor free and safe with a low toxicity hospital grade. Our Brisbane pest controllers make use of synthesized pyrethroids consisting mostly of permethrin which is a natural insecticide derived from Daisy plants. Thus you can be sure that the cockroach pest control treatments that we offer here at Pest Free Brisbane are environmentally friendly with guaranteed effective and long term results! Call us today for a clean and cockroach-free home!

Kinds of cockroaches commonly found in commercial and residential properties

German Cockroach Usually stays indoors and thrive in warm and humid places near possible sources of food such as the kitchen and laundry room. You’ll also usually find them near water heaters, stoves and refrigerators
Australian Cockroach This type of cockroach prefers the outdoors feeding on plants or decaying vegetation. You’ll usually find them underneath wood piles and tree barks. They can also inhabit sub floorings and sheds.
American Cockroach Likes to dwell in dark and warm places with high humidity making them a common sight in subfloors, sewers and wall interiors. They are common pest concern in restaurants, food stores and other establishments with large areas for food preparation
Brown-banded Cockroach Prefers indoors and likes to stay in dry areas making them a common sight in old book cases, light fittings and storage rooms
Oriental Cockroach Prefers to stay outdoors and cold damp environment. They often inhabit drainage systems and sub floorings.
Smokybrown Cockroach Prefers the outdoors feeding on vegetation. Often attracted to strong light sources during the night. A fairly common sight in plant nurseries, wooden piles, wall interiors and gardens