There exists 3 main rodent pest species in Australia which includes:

The common house mouse, Roof rat, Norway rat
These pests readily adapt to living conditions in proximity with humans raiding for food and taking up shelter in concealed and hard to reach areas. This makes them a very unwelcomed guest among residential and commercial property owners.

How would I know if I have a rodent problem?

Rodents are quick and agile so you rarely get to see them during the day. That doesn’t mean that your property is actually safe from such pests. Thus recognizing the tell-tale signs of rodent infestations can prove valuable for effectively detecting and identifying rodent infestations. Such signs include:

Urinary and fecal stainsRodent droppingsGnaw marksDamage to electrical wiringsMissing foodFoul odorUnusual sound especially at night as they go about their business
The problem of rodent infestations

Carry and transmits diseasesCarry lice and fleas which can also be a serious health concernThey can contaminate sanitary areas like the kitchen, eating utensils and foodThe damages they cause on electrical wirings is a serious fire hazardTheir presence is a major nuisance for property owners
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Eliminating rodent infestations

Our pest controllers here at Pest Free Brisbane are proven experts in the strategies and methodologies of effective rodent pest control. We accurately determine the extent of your rodent pest control needs and identify the species of rodents actually nesting in and around your property to figure out the best ways of rooting them out

Professional rodent pest control solutions typically include:

Effective use of poisoned baitRodent tracking powdersStrategic use of glue and sticky boardsRodent wax blocksEffective use of trapsLiquid pesticides for rodents
If you are at a loss about how to best deal with the problem of rodent infestations, it would certainly be worth your while to get in touch with us here at Pest Free Brisbane. With more than a decade of valuable experience eliminating and preventing all manner of rodent infestations, you simply can’t go wrong with Pest Free Brisbane!

Common types of rodent infestations

Norway Rat: Heavy build with fine and hairy ears and a bluntly shaped nose. It distinctive coarse fur is reddish brown in color. This type of rodent sport a tail that is shorter than its body. Their blunt droppings are approximately 18 mm in length.

Roof Rat: Pointed nose and hairless in its big ears, this type of rodent has a slender build a fine fur that is brown, grey or black in color. Its tail is longer than its head and body combined. It’s droppings are pointed in appearance and 12mm in length

House Mouse: This rodent has a slender build with big hairy ears and a pointed nose. Its fine fur is either grey or brown with a hairless tail that is about as long as its head and body. Their droppings are fairly small at 3 or 4 mm.