Here at Pest Free Brisbane, our pest control professional are all experienced and extensively trained to conduct property inspections and visually check for signs of stubborn and destructive pest infestations like termites. We also make use of modern cutting edge technology to detect and assess any kind of pest infestation such as:

Thermal imaging

  • Remotely detect the presence of pest nesting in concealed areas like spaces under the floor and between walls without having to drill or damage ceilings and wall linings
  • Effectively assess before and after treatments to ensure maximum effectiveness

Moisture meters

  • Check for plumbing leaks
  • Check on high humidity in problem areas which makes it a suitable nesting area for many types of pests

Dongers or Timber Sounding tools

  • Detect timber density
  • Detect hollow areas in wooden structures that suggest the presence of termite infestations

Our Brisbane pest controllers also make use of maglite or high power torches certified by Australian standards for safe and effective use inspecting your property for the presence of any types of commercial or residential pests. Schedule a pre-purchase inspection today by calling us at 1880 153 010. We also offer free consultation and quotes with zero obligations.

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