Possums Info


About as big as that of a domestic cat Big oval shaped ears with catlike whiskers Small head with a pointed nose Has a thick and woolly fur that is typically brown although some will sport a grey fur Possums have sharp claws with long bushy black tail Possums are marsupials; they carry their young […]

Rodent Info


There exists 3 main rodent pest species in Australia which includes: The common house mouse, Roof rat, Norway ratThese pests readily adapt to living conditions in proximity with humans raiding for food and taking up shelter in concealed and hard to reach areas. This makes them a very unwelcomed guest among residential and commercial property […]

Flies & Mosquitoes

Not everything can be solved with a mosquito coil

Dealing with Fly Problems in your Home Flies can be a nuisance when buzzing around the home particularly if in large numbers. However, some species of flies also pose a health risk. In particular, house flies can transmit a wide range of disease-causing microbes, including those responsible for food poisoning, dysentery, tuberculosis, cholera and parasitic […]

Spider Bites

FIRST AID for Funnel-Web Spider BiteThe patient should be kept calm and rested; all undue; movement should be avoided. Reassure the patient – their life is not in danger – an anti-venom is available at the hospital.A pressure / immobilisation bandage should be firmly;applied (but not tight) wrapping the entire limb bitten -;similar as for […]

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Pre Purchase Inspection

Here at Pest Control All-In-One, our pest control professional are all experienced and extensively trained to conduct property inspections and visually check for signs of stubborn and destructive pest infestations like termites. We also make use of modern cutting edge technology to detect and assess any kind of pest infestation such as: Thermal imaging Remotely […]